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P4PD's position on the Wall

Israel claims that the aim of the wall is to stop Palestinian attacks inside Israel. However, it is clear to all who would look with open mind and heart that any barrier separating between a house and its garden, a son and his father, a farmer and his land, the worker and her workplace will inevitably fail: it is against the natural course of life. The Wall can only be seen for what it clearly is: yet another attempt at land grab and transfer through making the daily life of Palestinians unbearable, through a restriction and denial of the most basic human rights and through a continued infraction of the most basic and universally agreed upon rules of conduct in war and occupation.

P4PD condemns the separation wall as a wall of apartheid intended to further the policies of the government of Israel for the continued occupation and destruction of Palestine.

The Wall has already led to the confiscation of Palestinian agricultural land, the isolation and increased paralysis of commercial, industrial and tourist life for Palestinian Jerusalem and the West Bank as a whole. The goal of the wall is not security for Israel, but rather to create a situation that will force yet more Palestinians to leave their homes. These measures are not related to the Israeli government’s need to protect the security of its residents, but rather to its desire to increase tension in the area and create more ‘facts on the ground’ that will make any future negotiable solution even more difficult than it already is today. This is a conscious policy aimed at emptying Palestinian land of its citizens and replacing them with Israeli settlers. The Wall must be stopped.

Web sites


    The West Bank Wall - Unmaking Palestine, by Ray Dolphin, introduction by Graham Usher

      In The West Bank Wall, Dolphin explores the Palestinian experience of the Wall and places the debate in its international context. Dolphin's writing is informed by his work for the UN, where for three years he monitored and compiled reports on the Wall's impact on the humanitarian conditions in refugee camps, towns and villages. With an introduction by Graham Usher, who has worked as Palestine correspondent for major international publications including the Economist, Middle East International, al Ahram English Weekly, the Guardian and Le Monde Diplomatique, this book puts the purpose of the Wall to the test.

    HDIP report: "Health and Segregation"

      The first detailed mapping of how health service provision in the West Bank has been affected by the completion of the first phase of the Apartheid Wall. Released in January, 2004. To order, contact HDIP, PO Box 1351, Ramallah, Palestine Tel: +972 2 298 5372 Fax: +972 2 298 5917 Email:


    The Israeli Wall in Palestinian Lands

      video coverIn this film, Palestinians from different walks of life are asked how the wall affects them. They include a businessman from Abu Dis, a young mother from Dheishe Refugee Camp, a music student from Ramallah, a community center director from Jerusalem, a farmer from northern Qalqilya, the director of the Stop the Wall campaign, and a member of the African-Palestinian community. Documentary, 2004, 43 minutes.

    The Dividing Wall

      Produced by Catholic Relief Services and the Mennonite Central Committee, 2004. Meet families and farmers whose lives have been devastated by Israel's separation wall. Be inspired by Israelis and Palestinians who are working for a future of bridges instead of walls. This video explores the humanitarian, social and political impact of the Israeli-built "security fence." An included study guide includes advocacy suggestions. Grade 9 to adult. To purchase, follow the link to the Mennonite bookstore and search for "Dividing Wall." Documentary, 24 minutes, 2004.


      dvd box photoWall (Mur) is a cinematic meditation on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in which the filmmaker blurs the lines of hatred by asserting her double identity as Jew and Arab. In an original documentary approach, the film follows the separation fence that is destroying one of the most historically significant landscapes in the world, while imprisoning one people and enclosing the other. On the building site of this mad wall, daily utterances and holy chants, in Hebrew and in Arabic, defy the discourses of war, passing through the deafening noise of bulldozers. MUR offers its spectators a last glimpse of the beauty of this land and the humanity of its inhabitants a moment before they disappear behind the wall.