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Web Sites

    PASSIA Jerusalem
    The Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs (PASSIA) has fact sheets, a historical chronology and maps on various topics. verified: 4Feb2007


    The End of Days: Fundamentalism and the Struggle for the Temple Mount by Gershom Gorenberg

      bookcoverGorenberg centers his fascinating discussion around the Temple Mount, the world's most desired piece of religious real estate. It is where King David erected an altar, where Solomon and Herod built their temples, and where the Dome of Rock now stands. (Cain even murdered Abel, according to ancient legend, over who would own this place.) The Christian far right now stakes a future claim to the Temple Mount, where they predict (or at least hope) the "Third Temple" will be built shortly.

    Jerusalem in History by K.J. Asali (Editor)

      bookcoverThis book presents a much-needed balanced and authentic picture of Jerusalem ญ an objective account which aims to help readers understand and form an independent opinion about the history of the city. To this end, an international team of eight leading scholars was set up. Each presents a picture of Jerusalem in the specific period on which they have long been working, forming a continuum. This important contribution to historical research lays a sound foundation for future work on the worldดs most sacred city.

    Jerusalem by Karen Armstrong

      bookcoverBritish religious scholar Armstrong (A History of God) has written a provocative, splendid historical portrait of Jerusalem that will reward those seeking to fathom a strife-torn city. Her overarching theme, that Jerusalem has been central to the experience and "sacred geography" of Jews, Muslims and Christians and thus has led to deadly struggles for dominance, is a familiar one, yet she brings to her sweeping, profusely illustrated narrative a grasp of sociopolitical conditions seldom found in other books. Armstrong spares none of the three monotheisms in her critique of intolerant policies as she ponders the supreme irony that the Holy City, revered by the faithful as symbol and site of harmony and integration, has been a contentious place where the faiths have fought constantly, not only with one another but within themselves, in bitter factions.

    City of Stone: The Hidden History of Jerusalem by Meron Benvenisti

      bookcoverThe political, architectural, social, cultural, and religious history of the holy city of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.


    Jerusalem - An Occupation Set in Stone?

      video box photoProduced by the Palestinian Housing Rights Movement, Jerusalem: An Occupation Set in Stone? is a tribute to the thousands of Palestinians living in East Jerusalem without access to life's most basic amenities. Filmmaker Marty Rosenbluth details the devastating effects of Israel's urban planning policies that, according to many, aim to uproot the Palestinian presence in the Holy City. Documentary, 55 minutes, 1995.

    Jerusalem 1948: Youm Ilak ou Youm Aleik

      video box photoJerusalem 1948: Yoom Ilak, Yoom Aleik covers the events in Jerusalem and the major villages to the south and west in the period between the 1947 UN Partition Resolution and the first truce between the Arab and Israel armed forces in June 1948. The film challenges the major myths surrounding the war of 1948 that resulted in Israeli statehood and Palestinian exile. Documentary, 45 minutes, 1998.