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Palestinians for Peace and Democracy seeks to empower the Palestinian people, at home and abroad, to create their own democracy based on the rule of law and the respect of human rights.
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    Web sites

      The Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy was founded in January 1992 to promote the study and development of democracy in Palestine and in the region. verified: 4Feb2007

      Civic Forum Institute
      CFI pursues the goals of building and strengthening the foundations of democracy in Palestine and developing Palestinian civil society organizations. verified: 4Feb2007

      Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy
      A non-profit Palestinian NGO dedicate to promoting concepts of democracy, peace, social justice, human rights and civic education in the Palestinian areas. It was founded in August 1992 by a group of Palestinian intellectuals and professionals to create a forum for free and uncensored dialogue. The PCPD mobilizes support for a comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East. verified: 4Feb2007

      Panorama - the Palestinian Center for the Dissemination of Democracy & Community Development was established in 1991 in Jerusalem . The center works to contribute to community development, and to promote issues that are related to the relationship between the citizen and the society, as a means to build a pluralistic Palestinian civil society.verified: 4Feb2007

      Institute of Law, Birzeit University
      Established in 1993 to contribute to the evolution of legal structures and the rule of law in Palestine by contributing to the rehabilitation of the legal professions and contributing to the preparatory effort for the Palestinian legislative process. Contains a legal database. verified: 4Feb2007

      Arab Thought Forum
      The Arab Thought Forum (Al Multaqa or ATF), was established in Jerusalem in 1977 as an independent Palestinian institution. It is a democratic, open forum for Palestinian decision-makers, and public opinion leaders. Initially focused on scientific studies and research, ATF now works more as a “think tank” dedicated to identifying critical issues for analysis and public debate in order to influence the development of the Palestinian people and nation. verified: 4Feb2007


    Media Politics and Democracy in Palestine: Political Culture, Pluralism, and the Palestinian Authority, by Amal Jamal
      This book examines the Palestinian process of state formation and the prospects for democracy in a future Palestinian state through a discussion of the roles played by the diverse civil institutions that exist outside the framework of the dominant Palestinian Authority (PA) political and social structure and, specifically, the various publications that each institution or movement produces. In opposition to the PA, liberal as well as Islamic social forces promote policies of protest and resistance, through media tools, against the authoritarian policies of the PA." The book also develops the concept of a "media regime" in Palestinian areas, and includes models of communication and media theory, along with Palestinian case studies, that will prove invaluable to both students of the Middle East and media studies scholars.